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Sex, Lies & Betrayal Book Tour

Sex Lies and Betrayal Book Tour

Sex Lies and Betray Book Tour "I left the only man I ever loved after killer the I was with."-Erie Gold.
After taking off from her disastrous double life with Yay, then double crossing him along the way, where does Erie's loyalty truly lie? Bitten twice, Yarnell is out for a vengeance no amount of cream can ever replace. But when these two lovers cross paths this showdown over love and money will leave more than a trail of blood and dollar signs. After fleeing to Mexico, Erie finds herself back in the States, in more than just her enemy reach.

No one is expecting Shawndrell Ford to be released from prison after being arrested so publically. But now that's he a free man his only goal is to get back on top with the help of his partner Greedy. But will his own greed be the cause of their demise?

This explosive trilogy takes readers on a masterful journey through the mindsets of those who entrust everything they know and love into the almighty dollar. And in the streets that have no statue of limitation with more enemies than friends, one of these cash connoisseurs are bound to fall victim to all the Sex, Lies, and Betrayal.

1. What or who are some of your inspirations? The inspiration behind my writing is my mother. She was the first person to put a pen in my hand; I just never put it down. And anyone who knows me knows it gets no bigger than Wahida Clark in my little world. I respect what she's done for literature and giving voices to women who society would have been otherwise cast away. She's proof you can turn a negative into something very much positive.

2. How did you come up with the concept for Sex, Lies, Betrayal The Fa├žade series?

People call me crazy or they never believe me, but in all honesty it started with a serious case of cold feet. I got engaged at 17 years old and I literally began thinking of everything that could possible go wrong if I considered marriage at such a young age. From there I played with the idea of what I would do in the even that things soured then the pen took on a mind of its own.

3. Where are some of your favorite place to write?
My all time favorite place to write is at my desk. It's surrounded by my book shelves and its right in front of my window. So every morning I watch the sunrise over both my own little library and the actual library across the street. It's pure solace. If I'm not there, I'm anywhere it's extremely quiet and pitch black so that it's just me and my thoughts.

4. What are some of your hobbies?
My only hobbies are reading, writing, and collecting rare books and watches. I love the concept of time and what it does.

5. What are something to have to have a comfortable writing experience?
I have to have Pulp Fiction playing on my IPOD, radio up on blast for 2 hours only, all my notebooks, favorite pen, and strangely enough my grandmother's obituary.

6.How did you become a published Author with Leo Sullivan and how does it feel?
Mr. Sullivan was one of the many authors who I'd come across when I was simply a reader aspiring to be an author. I kept up with him on paperback then I was introduced to an e book by accident with his name on the top of the cover. Of course, I was hooked and began one clicking everything and I stumbled across some more amazing reads with his name on it and I had to send over my manuscript. Coming from a botched book contract followed by a self-publishing fiasco. Leo is a breath of fresh air. It feels amazing to be able to work with a veteran of his caliber and be recognized for something I loved doing. It's an absolute dream come true.

Growing up in Maywood, IL, one of Chicago's most violent suburbs, Kharisma Kashmere adapted to reading and writing in adolescence. Spending more time inside than out, she became enthralled with urban fiction and suspense at fourteen. Reading her means of escape from the tumultuous city surrounding her, Kharisma decided to start writing about what she thought maybe going on outside her home. The eldest of eleven children, she remembers sharing her stories with sibling who praised her maturing craft. Her husband whom she met at only eleven years old was the person that brought forth the more creative imaginations she pens today. At twenty four, having traveled from Atlanta, Texas, and New York, Kharisma quotes, "I've been blessed to have found a passion so deep for writing; I could have seen the world without ever leaving my room. Her first novel, Sex, Lies, Betrayal: The Facade which she penned in Georgia is only the tip of the iceberg, she states. Today she and her husband reside in the Englewood area of Chicago. And she says there's no place like writing at home.


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Not My Will Book Tour

Not My Will Book Tour

This week Khara new book will be released and she is also giving away her book on Goodread. Be sure to hop by each blog to check out interviews, book summary and your change to win her new novel. Feel Free to leave a comment and follow.
Title: Not My Will
Author: Khara Campbell
Publisher: Delphine

Having hooked up with her boyfriend Ty the same night they met in a club, two years ago, Virtue now wants to put a hold on their sexual relationship, but she's not sure how Ty will take it. Their    relationship started with sex from day one so she's unsure of how to break the news to him. Erika, Virtue's best friend from childhood, thinks Virtue is stupid for to force  her man to quit having sex. She warns Virtue that she may push Ty into the arms and legs of another woman. While on her self-discovery, Virtue meet Terrance, a new confidant who is everything she wishes Ty would be: a godly man for one. But she will find out that sometimes her will is not the best.

1. What is your inspiration as a writer?
My faith is my inspiration for pretty much everything that I do, so that would include writing. I've always had a desire to write since I can remember being a little girl. I'm thankful that I didn't give up on my dream, it's so awesome to be releasing my debut novel-one of many.

2. How hard is to gain a following when you are a Urban Christian Writer?
I'm still in the process of doing this since this is my first novel. However I've been opening up myself and sharing bits of who I am on social media along with writing my blog post which has been helpful so far in gaining followers. I've realized that people like to know the person behind  the products more than the product itself.

3. What motivates you to write?
Live motivates me. I like to write about real life situations, fictional of course, but real enough for readers to connect with some of the characters.

4. What do you want reader's to take away from Not My Will?
Not My Will is fictional, however it is inspired by a similar situation I faced like the main character Virtue. Virtue struggles in her  faith by wanting to abstain from sex with her boyfriend, however there are many other struggles that we all face in our lives. Virtue clearly is not perfect in this novel, like we all are imperfect, but she is looking to God to help her overcome that particular struggle. Like Virtue we are all faced with struggles, tragedies, fears, death whatever it may and the only place we can get help is from God. Everyday is a day to surrender our will and allow God's will to be done.

5. What can the reader's expect from you in the near future?
I'm already working on my second novel which I am very excited about. The main character gets some life changing news from her dying mother. I think there are many people that unfortunately are faced with family secrets that can either destroy them or make them stronger-depending on which way they allow the news to carry them.


Khara Campbell holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Midland Lutheran University. She is an online contributor for The Praying Woman which many of her post have went viral on social media; also Black Literature Magazine and The Literary Network. She was born and raised in Nassau, The Bahamas. She resides in the Washington, DC metro area with her husband and their three young children. Not My Will is her debut novel.


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Contest Time

Contest Time
Talented author Saundra will post her Trivia question on her page March 15. A Gift card and two e-books. Answer is due midnight on March 16.



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